Crop Estimate

Plantai helps estimate citrus crop from your smartphone!
Producer’s experience + AI in the field = BETTER ESTIMATE!

Special launching price: (*) US$ 159.00 (annual fee subscription)
(*) value subject to exchange rate variation!

No plots nor hectares limit!
Count and estimate as many times as you wish.

In the Palm of Your Hand

Plantai gives you flexibility and can run on any Android and iOS smartphone (coming soon).

Estimate Using Images

Estimate the amount of fruits and boxes per tree and field on your farms using your smartphone’s camera.

Productivity Map

Record the tree’s location and track the crop productivity using maps.

How It Works




Automatic Counting



Contact us to buy Plantai using PayPal. We’ll send you a complete executable version while our app is under publication process in the App Stores.

It does not require internet connection after account creation.
You can process your photos in real-time.
Any photo, including those in Gallery can be processed.
It automatically detects and counts fruits in citrus trees.
Detected fruits are shown in a layer over your photos.
You can adjust the number of detected fruits as you wish.
You can customized estimates for your crop production (contact us).
It uses variety, age, and size to estimate your production.
You can see each tree and its production on a Google maps image.
Available in English and Portuguese.

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